RTHK香港電台受訪片段: 辣數碼介紹最新手機消毒產品 - XGerm

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Lexuma RTHK Interview UV Lights Sanitizer Portable Phone XGerm Series

辣數碼有限公司很高興受RTHK 香港電台的邀請,介紹公司最新手機消毒產品 - XGerm 多功能移動式紫外線消毒器。





Lexuma XGerm Series Phone UV Sanitizer Portable disinfectant alcohol sanitizer



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Lexuma News RTHK Interview how UV lights work XGerm Pro Phone UV Sanitizer


Lexuma is so delighted and honoured to be invited by Radio Television Hong Kong (RTHK) and introduce our Phone UV Sanitizer - XGerm. From the interview, Lexuma director Kelvin Ip explained how the UV Sanitizer disinfects our phone and other personal items. Also, he demonstrates how to use the XGerm Pro for daily sanitizing. 


The UV-C lights inside XGerm will destroy the structure of DNA and RNA of the bacteria or virus. They will become inactive after the sanitizing process. Besides your mobile phone, you can put your car key, earrings, makeup brush, keys, cardholders, and other personal items into XGerm for sanitizing. The sanitizing process lasts for only a few minutes. 


Instead of using alcohol to clean your personal items, you can try XGerm which can help you to kill the virus and bacteria quickly. You don't need to clean all of them one by one. 

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