Lexuma X2O 防水噴霧現於尖沙嘴 K11 商場 Backers 店鋪展出

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辣數碼有限公司的最新防水產品 - X2O防水噴霧現於尖沙嘴K11商場 Backers店鋪展出,歡迎來臨親身試用產品,測試防水效能。Backers是一間體驗式電子產品店鋪,展出最新的電子數碼產品,大眾能親自試用並體驗產品。由10月起正是辣數碼X2O防水噴霧的展出期,產品攤位在K11商場一樓,届時會有特別節目和活動,職員會當場示範噴霧的防水效果,向大眾詳細介紹產品。記得密切留意辣數碼Facebook和最新消息,我們期待在Backer Stores見到大家,一起體驗防水新技術。

辣數碼X2O防水噴霧專爲電子產品和工業機器而設,提供IPX4和IPX7防水保護,在電子產品和零件上形成納米防水鍍膜。X2O防水噴霧適用於所有電子產品,例如相機、電腦、航拍機、充電器、手機和電源拖板等,噴了X2O防水噴霧後,你的電子設備不再怕雨水和跌進水。快來Backer Stores親自體驗一下吧。

地址:Backers K11 旗艦店地址:九龍尖沙咀河內道 18 號 K11 商場 1 樓 40 號舖
營業時間:每日上午 11 時 30 分 - 晚上 9 時


Lexuma is so excited to have our latest waterproof gadget - X2O Water Repellent Spray being introduced and demonstrated to the public at Backer Stores in Tsim Sha Tsui K11 Mall. Backer Stores is an experiential retail store which demonstrates advanced gadgets at an open space. Visitors can walk in and try all the gadgets by themselves. Starting from this October, Lexuma X2O waterproof spray can be found at Backer Stores in K11 Mall First floor. There will be special events, real life demonstrations and seminars introducing this waterproof gadget. Stay tuned at Lexuma Facebook and news. We look forward to seeing you there and trying out X2O water repellent spray.


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Lexuma X2O waterproof spray at backer stores



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Lexuma X2O waterproof spray is invented especially for electronic devices and industrial machines. It provides IPX4 and IPX7 waterproof protection by forming a strong nano water repellent coating. X2O waterproof spray can be applied to all electronics, like camera, computer, drone, power bank, smartphones, power strips etc. With this spray, your devices will no longer be harmed by rain or water accidents. Come and test it by yourself at Backer Stores. 


Address: Kiosk 40, 1/F, K11 Mall, 18 Hanoi Road, Tsim Sha Tsui
852 Kowloon, Hong Kong