409ShopHK 測試了本公司的XSTRIP防雷保護拖板

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Lexuma UK surge protector with USB ports reviewed by 409ShopHK

辣數碼其中一名合作伙伴 - 409ShopHK 測試了本公司的XSTRIP防雷保護拖板,實測片段展示了這款拖板的各種特點和好處,409ShopHK的陳Sir比較了Lexuma的拖板和其他舊款牌子的拖板,發現傳統拖板太佔位置,而且沒有USB插口位,用家要另外插萬用轉接頭才能一次充幾部電子產品。再者,其他牌子拖板上的LED燈太刺眼,沒有插座獨立開關,或開關不太方便使用。在這些方面,辣數碼防雷拖板就更出色,不但有4頭和6頭設計,獨立開關和淺藍色LED顯示燈絕對方便用家使用,還有4個4V/5A的USB插口,令用家充電安全又快捷。

XStrip USB防雷保護拖板擁有4 個USB充電口 4 個AC接地插座,可以同時連接並保護八種家居電器、辦公室器材或手提電子產品,包括智能手機、筆記型電腦和相機等以USB充電線連接的設備。此外,每個接地插座設有獨立電源開關,不需使用時可隨時開關節省電力,環保之餘亦能減少電費開支。


辣數碼一直努力為大眾提供更優質的充電體驗,現在就到Facebook觀看完整片段,了解Lexuma XSTRIP比其他拖板更安全實用的原因。


Lexuma XSTRIP surge protector is reviewed by one of our cooperating company 409ShopHK and presented the main features of this advanced charging gadget. In the real life demonstration video, Mr Chan compared different brands of power strips and Lexuma surge protector. 

The traditional power strips are long but without any USB charging ports. The LED lights are too strong and may not have individual ON/OFF button for each socket. On the other hand, Lexuma XSTRIP is designed with 4 / 6 sockets with individual ON/OFF button and blue LED lights. It is also equipped with 4 USB ports with 4V/5A output which charge your devices efficiently and safely.

Lexuma XSTRIP Tested by 409ShopHK uk power strip with usb ports testing video review product


Lexuma XSTRIP Tested by 409ShopHK close up uk power strip with usb ports video reviewing product

With its 4 USB charging ports and 4 AC power sockets, Lexuma XStrip can protect and charge up to eight devices including handheld devices with USB, such as smartphones, laptops and cameras, or appliances with bulky adapters at home or offices. Also, the independent power ON/OFF switches offer a quick way to turn off equipment not in use for saving power.

XStrip Surge Protector can absorb extra energy, protect your electrical devices from voltage spikes. The sockets and the plug are all UK-style and Type-G with 250V rating voltage. The USB ports can detect current and voltage requirement of different electronics and optimize the charging process.

At Lexuma, we aim to improve your charging experience with advanced charging gadgets. Watch the full video now on Facebook and check out why Lexuma XSTRIP is better in charging efficiency and safety. 

Lexuma XSTRIP Tested by 409ShopHK power strip 4 gang 6 gang sockets with usb ports introducing power strip

Lexuma XSTRIP Tested by 409ShopHK surge protected charging usb port testing voltage and current