Lexuma 產品登陸「貿發網採購」活動界面及展覽

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Lexuma 辣數碼代理商品 — 旅行刮刮地圖 登陸「貿發網採購」活動

很榮幸「貿發網採購」活動能推廣到辣數碼有限公司的 旅行刮刮地圖系列,感謝「貿發網採購」對敝公司的支持。




歡迎到以下連結,在「貿發網採購」了解更多 辣數碼旅行刮刮地圖


辣數碼代理商品 — 旅行刮刮地圖,帶大家逐一游覽各地名勝,讓我們可以記錄旅行足跡。原創設計,加上精美包裝,還內附免費刮刮片,讓你創造獨一無二的個人旅行記錄。





Lexuma 辣數碼有限公司亦將於香港貿發局主辦的「香港禮品及贈品展」參展




如有興趣,歡迎屆時到香港會議展覽中心 ,或以線上形式參觀。


展會日期:2022 年 4 月 27 日至 30 日(週三至週六)


展會開放時間:4 月 27 日至 29 日(週三至週五):9:30am-6:30pm

    4 月 30 日(週六):9:30am-5pm


Travel Scratch Maps, which Lexuma acts as agent of, are listed on the "Sourcing on hktdc.com" event page

We are honored that the "hktdc.com Sourcing" can be promoted to our travel scratch map series. We are grateful to "hktdc.com Sourcing" for supporting our company.

As a high-quality and reliable supplier, Lexuma has been promoting own products and products that we are acting to global buyers on the "hktdc.com Sourcing".

If you want to browse the official website of Lexuma on the "hktdc.com Sourcing", please click here.

Welcome to the link below to learn more on Lexuma's Travel Scratch Map

We believe that everyone is eager to travel abroad. Although the travel plan has not been implemented, for the time being, you may wish to select the relevant travel supplies first and set off at any time.

Lexuma Agent Product — Travel Scratch Maps, take everyone to visit places of interest one by one so that we can record our travel footprints. Original design, exquisite packaging, and free scratching blades are included, allowing you to create a unique personal travel record.


Now just click here to enter the "hktdc.com Sourcing" event interface, purchase Lexuma's travel scratch maps, and browse more interesting and useful travel goods.

Lexuma will also participate in the "Hong Kong Gifts and Premium Fair" organized by the Hong Kong Trade Development Council

The "Hong Kong Gifts and Premium Fair" sponsored by the Hong Kong Trade Development Council is one of the world's largest gift fairs and trade platforms. It gathers a large number of exhibitors and brings a variety of products to satisfy your pursuit of taste and quality of life.

Lexuma will participate in the "Hong Kong Gifts and Premium Fair" to provide you with more high-quality gift choices, including own products and products that we are acting.



If you are interested, please visit the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Center or visit it online.

Details of the exhibition are as follows:

Exhibition date: April 27-30, 2022 (Wednesday to Saturday)

Venue: Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Center

Opening hours of the exhibition: April 27th to 29th (Wednesday to Friday): 9:30 am-6:30 pm

 April 30 (Saturday): 9:30am-5pm

To learn more about [Hong Kong Gifts and Premium Fair], please click here.