409Shop 以短片拆解對比無牌低價紫外線消毒器及LEXUMA XGerm 多功能紫外線消毒器

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 如何分辨紫外線消毒器是否有用? 409Shop以短片拆解一款市面上買到的低價普通光管消毒器 及LEXUMA XGerm。




Owner of 409Shop compare nobranded UV sanitizer with LEXUMA XGerm UV Sanitizer
409Shop — 本地電子產品及配件瑰零售店購買了一款只需一百元以內的紫外線消毒器後,發現該消毒盒所用的燈管並沒有任何消毒功能。
409Shop 公司更拍攝了一個短片拆解平價假紫外線消毒器及LEXUMA XGerm紫外線消毒器的分別。


409Shop disassemble LEXUMA XGerm and nobranded UV sanitizer to distinguish the authentic one
LEXUMA XGerm 的燈管則是以UV燈及玻璃燈管組成。
LEXUMA XGerm UV phone sanitizer for smartphone small gadgets and utensils
LEXUMA XGERM series awarded different certificates in effectiveness of disinfection
另外,LEXUMA XGerm 多功能便携式紫外線消毒器系列有多個型號的UV消毒盒,每個型號皆獲得多個認證證書,確保產品質素及殺菌功效。
LEXUMA XGerm UV sanitizer XGerm and XGerm Ultra with wireless charging and aromatherapy sterilization
除了基本消毒功能,XGerm系列中的XGerm 及XGerm ULTRA 還有香薰消毒及無線快速充電功能。
As the outbreak of COVID-19, there are many disinfectant products released in the market. You may know how dirty our smartphones are. However, do you know how to choose the UV phone sanitizer?
No branded UV sanitizer selling tens of dollars  V.S.  Local brand Lexuma UV sanitizer selling hundreds of dollars.
Which one would you purchase?
409Shop has found that there are some extremely low-priced and no branded UV sanitizer boxes released in the market. For instance, the sanitizer box he bought for analysis cost only tens of dollars. 
Afterwards, they have published a video on Youtube to analyze and compare the no branded sanitizing box with Lexuma XGerm by disassembling the sanitizing box.
Although the outer design of the sanitizer box that sells in the market at a lower price is very similar to Lexuma XGerm, the functions and sterilization effectiveness are totally different.
Click HERE to watch the video and find the differences.
Do you believe that the small LED lights hanging on the Christmas tree have a sterilization effect?
According to the video, the fake UV sanitizer box uses small LED lights to irradiated purple light that aim to prevent the UV light. Even if it is very cheap, it can be regarded as useless since it does not provide any useful function, not to mention sterilization.
Lexuma XGerm series has 5 different models and each of them have awarded several certificates in testing sterilization effectiveness. All models can sterilize over 99% viruses and bacteria. Awarded certificates including CE, FCC, RoHs and Report for analysis.
Apart from regular sterilization, Lexuma XGerm and XGerm Ultra are multi-functional sanitizing boxes which are equipped with aromatherapy sterilization and fast wireless charge.
AROMATIC STERILIZING - a refreshing aromatherapy function for phone cleaning
Drop a few droplets of your favourite aromatic essential oil and press the button indicating aromatherapy, you can enjoy a bacteria-free and re-freshened phone with your favourite scent after the sterilization process.
For phone models that support wireless fast charging, put your phone on the designated area after the sterilization process. 
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